Products and Services

WIT sells knowledge and insight into the East African financial markets by actively trading in all exchanges in the region i.e. the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE), Uganda Securities Exchange (USE), Dar-es-salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) and Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE). Ultimately, we are really selling ideas and expertise. We sell reliability, and confidence. We sell the assurance to customers of the ability to grow their wealth. 

Service Description

In our investment proposition, we support three main lines:

Securites: This is the main service proposition that is on offer at WIT. African markets are diverse and therefore extreme risk is involved in the purchase of stocks. However, WIT aims to bring in expertise gained from trading over the last six years in order to deliver returns ranging between 8-60%. The minimum forecasted gestation period is one year.

Bonds: Minimum investments in the East African bond market starts from USD 1190. Rates of return in the bond segment range between 8-12%. The return from bonds is fixed, with no option of getting returns more or less than current market rates. Investment span is set at one year or more.

Real Estate: This is an emerging area of investment in Africa and the firm will initially explore opportunities to buy land in middle income areas in Nairobi such as Kiambu, Ruiru and Kitengela that are currently offering returns of up to 70% with a gestation period of one year. A branch-out to other counties that offer opportunity should be expected in mid-term.

Brokerage Fees

1. Consultancy fixed KES 5,000 per annum, without fund management or

2 Fund management investment minimum KES 10,000 (brokerage fee minimum 1.95% of investment sum, per annum) as per below Investment Amount to Commission structure:

USD 10 – 500 3%

USD 501 – 1000 2.5%

USD 1001 > 1.95%