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10+ reasons to invest in Cooperative Bank of Kenya shares:
1. Limitless Sacco deposit base
2. Large branch network
3. Rightsizing of the workforce
4. Leverage on ICT
5. Robust agency network
6. Relatively low NPL positon
7. Strong management
8. Right handling of the recent rate cap
9. Large corporate loan bookings in the recent past
10. Efficient customer service
11. Flight to safety by clients from small banks
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Avoid the mother of all bubbles if you have hard earned money

all eyes on the green bank for a stellar 2017

kenya airways
People need to think of investing in alternative investment,we at cytonn investments we are a global brand that offer best rates of upto 20% with assured return of you capital and interest earned between a period of 1 month to 3 yrs.Think of it,for further consultation call me on 0720798218 o

kenya airways
On Wednesday the share starts a new chapter

elections impact on the NSE
I dont get the concern. Kenya is a stable country

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