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Budgeting: The key to financial success
In life, there are few things that differentiate the ordinary from the successful. One particular thing, that makes the mark is the habit of drawing up a budget and sticking to it! The market is topsy-turvy! Admittedly, its hard to stare at daily slide of the share prices in nearly all counters and particularly the dip of stocks in which you are invested. However, as the saying goes, a glass can either be viewed as half empty or half full. In this regard, I suggest that this may be one of the best time to get into the deep end of stock investing.

The Nairobi Securities Exchange though on a down turn has still a lot to offer on the counters that show positive fundamentals, including but not limited to Cooperative Bank, KCB, & Jubilee Insurance. The aim at this point of the investment season is to hold onto counters that are bound to regain when the market corrects and to buy into selected attractive counters that are trading at a discount.

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People need to think of investing in alternative investment,we at cytonn investments we are a global brand that offer best rates of upto 20% with assured return of you capital and interest earned between a period of 1 month to 3 yrs.Think of it,for further consultation call me on 0720798218 o

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On Wednesday the share starts a new chapter

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I dont get the concern. Kenya is a stable country

elections impact on the NSE
what will happen to our dear stocks following the latest political happenings

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Sebastian Mikosz has arrived with good luck

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FYR results out in a week

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results are likely to be awesome

kenya airways
hope this plane turns full circle

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changing brokers for sure

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anxiously waiting for the nws on PBT for this firm. any idea on what to expect?

the bank releases its full year 2014 results on 26.02.2015. waiting patiently. all signs are that they shall be good

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diamond in the rough

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virgin post

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